Sweating it out

Hi, I'm Micaela...and I'm Addicted to Sweating in a Sauna Burrito.

It's my first official journal post. My brand developer and I agreed that journal (I'm really pronouncing this as jour nahllll, so it sounds fancy and French) was far more my speed than "blog" so here goes friends. 

If we connect on social media, or if you've spoken to me in say, the past 4 months, you've heard me talk all about my love for sweating. No, not sweating in a gym or the latest boutique fitness class, while I do love to do that too, this is a far more lazy kind of sweating. Like if a slug wanted to work out, this would be its favorite workout. It's lazy because you sweat in a sauna sleeping bag, drinking super charged pH balanced water, while catching up on the newest season of West World.

Let me explain...when I need this special kind of lazy sweating, I go to a magical spot on the Upper East Side called Shapehouse. Inside of Shapehouse, the air is fragranced by simmering incense (giving your entrance a semi-religious vibe) next, you take off your "street clothes" and switch into a branded pair of gray sweatpants, sweatshirt, and big cozy gray socks. Once changed, and ready to sauna, your Shapehouse associate takes you to your private burrito bed (you are curtained off, like a super chic wellness hospital) and tucks you in. It's a pretty aggressive tuck, since they need to make sure you are velcro'd in and all set to sweat. 

For the next 50 minutes enjoy your pick of Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu shows while sipping Alkaline water and getting treated to a cooling face towel that smells like provencal lavender. The cushy elements are so lovely, you almost forget that you are sweating profusely. Your body literally sobs out the emotional eating you might have partaken in over the weekend. My body usually starts to whimper sweat mildly at about 15 minutes, then cry sweats at 30 minutes, and full on sob sweats at 40 minutes. So why do I do this?

Here's why sweating helps me:

1. It's a quick fix when you feel like garbage. There are days I just don't want to work out, this is the best fix because I still feel like I'm ridding my body of toxins.

2. It's a great way to watch your shows, while still doing something for your body

3. All about those Zzzs. It has SERIOUSLY helped me with my sleeping habits. I like to go after work around 6:30 or 7:50 PM, and I end up getting the most solid sleep after.

4. Bye bye brain fog. It also really helps me with brain fog and writer's block. If I'm having a hard time finishing an article or working on brand work, I feel totally refreshed and like I just woke up after I sweat. It's a type of natural high, truly.

So it's all too good to be true but there is one bummer, Shapehouse is pretty expensive. Look, once you're inside you're going to be treated super well, and you will feel really amazing and like a bright, shiny, new version of yourself. But it will cost you $70 a session. Try your first session and if you like it as much as me, I recommend purchasing one of their packages that makes much more sense.

Ok, time to sweat. That's not true. I'm really going to just post this jour nahll story. But let's pretend I'm going to sweat to bring this all full circle.

Xo, Micaela