The Beauty Secret Society: No More Secrets


Everybody loves a secret. The whispers. Intel. Jaw dropping truth. Top secret. No, I'm not the voice of Gossip Girl trying to entice you to know a dirty little secret about Lonely Boy—we're talking BEAUTY SECRETS. I feel quite lucky to have an extremely well-groomed network of women and men that I call friends, they also happen to be bearers of UNBELIEVABLE beauty advice.

I always think of getting any recommendation (a prospective partner, restaurant, travel destination, skincare secret) from a friend like this—if you were to pick a Doctor's name out of the Yellow Pages, or to get a recommendation for a Doctor from a friend, which would you trust more? For me? My friends are my IRL influencers.

With that—welcome to The Beauty Secret Society, a weekly roundup of real humans (that I trust immensely) sharing their beauty discoveries, secrets, must-haves, and more!

This week's theme: Beauty Secrets

1. Nandita Khanna, Editorial Projects Director at goop

Beauty Secret:  I'm pretty low-key when it comes to makeup, but for the last five years I've sworn by RMS Living Luminizer. You can apply it anywhere, but I like to put it just a little bit on my cheekbones and along the bridge of my nose. That plus goopglow, which I stick in a small 8oz water bottle and have every morning after my coffee--it's packed with antioxidants and tastes just like Tang.

2. Danielle Prescod, Fashion Director at BET

Beauty Secret: Workout with your hair up!!!! I break out a lot on my chest and back from stress but also from having clogged pores from exercising with my hair down because I'm trying to save my curls. 

3. Melanie Altarescu, Head of Programming, Partnerships + Experiences, The Wing

Beauty Secret: A diet that includes fish oil, coconut oil and avocado = glowing skin. Also beauty rest is a real thing, defend your 7-8 hours with your life. 

4. Katheryn Erickson, Freelance Beauty Writer

Beauty Secret: Lately I like doing messy clay masks before I shower. (Some good ones: Kiehl’s Turmeric, Caudalie Detox Mask, Fresh Umbrian Clay.) I’ll do a gentle cleanse, put on the mask, clean my house/Instagram/whatever for like 20-30 minutes, then wash it off in the shower instead of muddying up my sink. I also like to do scrubs before I cleanse (Dr. Lancer’s rec, and his are truly the best). Less abrasive that way! 

5. Amanda Feldman, Senior Publicist at J Public Relations

Beauty Secret: I recently learned that using jojoba oil on your cuticles at night will not only keep the skin around your nails hydrated, but will also help your nails grow faster and grow in super strong. Mind blown.

5. Meredith Wing, Artist at MooMoooi

Beauty Secret: Serum before bed not moisturizer. (then I asked about which serums, duh). "The Tata Harper is 100% natural and made in small batches which I  love when I can afford it (read: must shop at Trader Joe's for a month) the Vintner's Daughter is amazing! 

6. Alexandra Polkinghorn, Deputy Editorial Director, News Service and Syndicate at The New York Times,

Beauty Secret: My hair is Shirley Temple curly, and I have tried everything with varying effects. This combo of Living Proof Style Extender and Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry keeps it tame and straight for the whole night, which makes for one less thing to be worried about... (shoutout to the gHd Platinum straightener, because it's also an important part of this medley).

7. Permele Doyle, Influencer Marketing Agency President

Skin secret: Exercise, Saunas, Water, Sex

*editor's note-this is cheeky and I love it.

8. Ashley Fodor, Beauty Writer

Skin Secret: Eating a lot more fats like cold pressed olive oil and avocado oil make me a bit glowier than usual.

AM: CE Ferulic and PM: Creme de la Mer is glow, bottled. 

9. Hannah Plotkin, Customer Engagement Lead, Custora

Skin Secret: I love COSRX’s Acne Pimple Master Patch. When I have a pimple, I put one of these on overnight and it’s miraculously gone down by morning. They’re made from a material traditionally used in wound healing - which speaks to the wannabe scientist part of me looking to solve my skin woes! And to boot, they’re super cheap.

10. Joanna Garcia, Photo Editor, Martha Stewart Living

Skin Secret: Go makeup less as long as you can.  I probably didn't start wearing makeup until I was 25. And even then it was only a bb cream when going out. And my favorite trick to look put together is a pop of color on your lips. 

11. Elana Lyn Gross, Freelance Journalist

Skin Secret: My mom introduced me to Mario Badescu Drying Lotion when I was a teenager and I've been using it as my go-to spot treatment ever since. Put it on before bed and the Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, and Calamine will help clear your acne overnight without drying out your skin. 


Stay tuned for next week's Beauty Secret Society: Desert Island Beauty Products